Create An Inspiration Repertoire for the Interior Designs


Whether in a file on your computer or even in physical folders, keep those works that inspire you, that are references in the market and that exude quality, beauty and technique. This can and should be done both by those who are still taking a degree in Interior Design, and by those who already work as a designer. The secret is to think that you must work and develop in order to make your own projects as attractive and admirable as those that serve as a reference for your work. Visit for the perfect solution.

Build Your Own Portfolio

By creating a personal library with work records that you have already designed and effectively developed, you can easily follow your evolution as a professional. Not to mention that having good work properly documented and available to present to potential clients is a great way to demonstrate professionalism. Remember that your portfolio will always be your resume as a designer!

Learn From Mistakes And Be Receptive To Critics

A competent professional is one who sees criticism or error as not a reason for sadness or discouragement, but a new opportunity to grow and improve. And that goes for absolutely any profession, okay? If, for example, a teammate, a teacher or the client himself criticizes some point of his work, listen carefully to what that person has to say, reflect, ponder and seek to improve on that particular issue. Thus, in addition to developing your skills, you will pass a much more cordial and pleasant image to those around you.

Be Professional

Respect deadlines and knows how to behave, always treating people inserted in your work context very well. After all, it is useless to be the most competent and talented interior designer if you present an inappropriate or unfriendly image, don’t you agree? Believe me: practicing social intelligence makes all the difference. So, don’t allow yourself to be associated with an image of irresponsibility, sloppiness or inelegance. In addition, being a good professional in the field also includes constantly updating and being always up to date with news and market trends. So go for it!

Know Your Target Audience

You need to know in depth who you are dealing with. To do so, observe the trends and patterns of clientele that you usually serve and focus, primarily, on groups that have similar characteristics. This way you will save time, effort and money, as you will know how to promote your services to the right people. Market research can be very useful in this regard. You will soon notice the difference in results!

Value Networking

Have you ever thought that your network of contacts could be your biggest source of customers? It is the power of the famous word of mouth advertising! And this networking is built from the classrooms, see? By ensuring a pleasant relationship with the people present in your study or work environment, as well as with those who effectively hire your services, your chances of receiving referrals will be exponentially greater. So adopt a caring, friendly and polite attitude now.

Practice Creativity

Your inspirations can be anywhere: in the speech of a teacher, in the movement of the street, in a movie scene and even in the barking of a dog! The important thing is to think outside the box, working with what is within your reach. Did you see an object in disuse? Try to think of a better end for him! Did you notice that a space is badly used? Try to remodel it! For the interior designer, the world is his masterpiece!

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