How to Know When Your Plumbing Systems Are Damaged


More often than not, people just tend to ignore issues with their pipes. But then, if you’re waiting for the worst to happen, it would surely cost you a lot. So, before any serious damage happens to your plumbing system, call immediately a professional that can be trusted like a local plumber Hurstville tradesman.

Calling for professional help is a must where plumbing issues are concerned. Whether it involves installation, repair and maintenance or even replacement, an expert and licensed plumber could save you on costs. Yet, how would you know that the system in your home is damaged? Easy. Just look for the signs enumerated below.

Signs of Damage to Your Plumbing System

One or more of these common problems in plumbing could be a manifestation of the damage in your system – higher water bill, poor or low water pressure, dirty water with unpleasant odour and colour, clogged toilet and sink, leaking pipes and faucets plus a whole lot more.

Higher Water Bill

Any amount that’s unusually high is obviously connected to a pipe issue. Perhaps, there’s a leaking one but you’re not just seeing it on the surface, or your running toilet could be the culprit. Well, there’s not really much you can do except to call an expert plumber or else, find yourself haemorrhaging money and water without ever knowing it.

Poor or Low Water Pressure

This problem usually occurs in old homes in Hurstville nonetheless it may also happen in new ones. Don’t ignore it when your shower head and faucets don’t supply a strong stream as they used to because it would only make life difficult when you don’t get enough water for your daily sanitation and hygiene needs at home. There could be a clog or break somewhere in your pipes. Now, this issue should be at the top of your priorities.

Dirty Water with Unpleasant Odour and Colour

Contamination in your pipe or corrosion or both might be the cause if you find your water turning brown, foggy or smelling bad. Meanwhile, an odour of raw sewage indicates a broken or clogged pipe which leaks sewage into the spaces that surround the pipes. Remember that a congested pipe is the reason why there occurs a backup of sewage and thereby creates pressure on your system. This results in different leaks. It’s reasonable not to ever drink or use poor quality water since this poses a hazard to health.

Clogged Toilet and Sink

For sure, you don’t want to see water accumulating in your sink or shower. Worse, water backs up in the toilet bowl instead of flushing and then overflows! Sometimes a plunger or liquid drain cleaner will do just fine. However, if your DIY goes wrong, then you’d better be ringing the expert.

Leaking Pipes and Faucets

If you start to find puddles of water anywhere in your home that don’t dry up for instance under the sink, in the basement or else, showing damp ceiling or wall, chances are, your pipes have been broken and are dripping. This damage in the pipes will inevitably destroy your ceiling and walls as well if left unresolved. Only a certified plumber could do the job well.

To know when your plumbing systems are damaged, watch out for those signs enumerated above.

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