Informative lines on Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning


Carpet is an integral part of every interior decor and most wanted accessory in every home and office. Hence, the need to enrich its lifespan and to keep it clean always is responsible for its owner.

There are various useful methods to clean the carpet efficiently one such method is low moisture carpet cleaning. It is mainly used to clean highly used carpet for walking and family sittings. Even famous Perth commercial carpet cleaning service like ‘Carpet Cleaning Clean or Dry’ advice office keepers and other commercial places to adopt this method to clean their well used carpets.

What is the low moisture carpet cleaning method?

In this process, a very less amount of water is used to clean the carpets. Vacuuming plays a great role in the process of this method of carpet cleaning.  The high power vacuum and powdered detergents are used in these kinds of carpet cleaning methods. There are three methods mainly used to use the lowest proportion of moisture to clean the carpets presently.

They are:

  • Encapsulation

The process is commonly known as Crystallization as the powdered detergents are used to apply on the carpet fibres mainly on the stained parts. After a while, it is removed using high pressure vacuum machines. The dirt and the soil particles can be removed with ease.

  • Spin bonnet

Mainly used in not a lot of used carpets. The mild detergent powder is sprayed on the spoilt parts of the carpet and is removed using cotton pad racks moved over the whole carpet to remove the detergent and the dirt particles.

  • Dry extraction

As the name suggests dry powder is sprinkled over the carpet fibres using a washing sponge. Then a scrubber is used to remove the detergent and the dirt and finally vacuum is used to dry the whole carpet.

 The added advantages of low moisture carpet cleaning over other carpet cleaning process

  • Increase the life span of the carpet.
  • Your carpet looks new to use.
  • The environment of the room becomes hygienic and people live in a healthy atmosphere.

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