A neat and tidy home is a beautiful sight to behold, both for your family and your guests. It also conveys the impression that you like to live a clutter-free life and have a positive approach towards everything that you do. Also, when you are continuously surrounded by the clutter of objects which should ideally be out of sight, it distracts you from those important things that you should focus on. Frankly, it can be quite frustrating unsuccessfully trying to find things that are most probably lying hidden underneath the unnecessary clutter.  You might feel that keeping your home spotlessly clean is a mighty task, but it doesn’t really have to be that way. In this articles, we will give you useful tips for keeping your home neat and tidy. sobha creek vistas dubai

Put all belongings away after use

One of the biggest reasons why your home presents an untidy look is that you tend to leave belongings around after their use is over. The key to a clean home is making sure that anything you’ve finished using goes to to where to where it belongs. You must resist the temptation of leaving a pair of shoes outside the shoe rack, the unwashed dishes in the sink or those shirts half hung on the bed. Remember, it does take time for these little piles to turn into big messes.

Clean one living space at a time

Why tire yourself by attempting to clean the entire house all at one go? We suggest you take up cleaning one living space at a time, even if it means taking another day to completing the task.  From scrubbing the tub, toilet and shower to mopping the floors, all it takes to keep your bathroom spotlessly clean is just a little effort. When it comes to keeping your bedroom clean, the key word is “storage”. Yes, just work out proper storage for keeping your clothes and accessories beautifully out of sight, and keep your personal space looking clean. Keeping blankets folded, regularly dusting night stands, desks and shelves and vacuum cleaning the floor and bathroom rugs are simple ways of ensuring your bedroom presents a clean and bright look. And yes, after you wake up, make your bed with the blankets folded properly. The living room of your abode is where the maximum interaction of family and guests happens. Clearing the living of all clutter such as toys and books, keeping all the cushions in their place on the sofa and chairs and vacuum cleaning the floors daily should be on your priority list. sobha hartland creek vistas

Prepare a laundry list

If you don’t keep up wit hit on a daily basis, laundry is one thing that can go out of control and keep adding to the clutter in your home. Work out a planned laundry routine by washing one small load everyday, so that there is no pile up at the end of the week. Do remember that it not enough to do the laundry every day but also ensure that it is folded and kept in the specified place, completely out of sight.

The shoe rack is not a decorative furniture piece

When you’ve invested in a shoe rack, why not make sure that it’s used to the maximum for avoiding the clutter of shoes and sandals at the entrance of your home. Encourage your family members and guests to keep their shoes and sandals in the shoe rack, so that they are not littered in the living room, making it look cluttered.

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