Tips On Increasing The Longevity Of Your Doors


Doors are a part of your home that you use every single day. Therefore, it should not come off as a shock that they need some care and maintenance in order to remain intact for the longest time. Even though you might not pay attention to the doors of your home as much as the other furniture, it is still important to keep a few things in mind. 

If you are having problems with your door, it may be due to lack of maintenance or they have become quite old. Nevertheless, if you are considering getting a new porte jardin from Inter-Québec, you should learn a few tips to increase their longevity. 

Tips on increasing the longevity of your doors

  • Use doors only as needed. 

One way to stop your doors from deteriorating fast is to use them only as needed and not unnecessarily. The more you open and close a door, the more wear and tear it goes through. Only use your doors when absolutely necessary, and do not allow your children to play around or with them. 

  • Check the hardware. 

No matter whichever door type you have, it needs a yearly inspection. Pay attention to the hinges and check whether they are working properly. The doorknobs should be checked as well, as they are important for security purposes. Check whether they turn smoothly or get stuck. Spraying some lubricant can get the hardware working smoothly. 

  • Clean as needed.

Generally, you should dust your doors regularly with a dry cloth. However, they do not need a thorough cleaning more than twice a year. You can use mild soap and water to make the doors appear as good as new. 

Of course, the exterior doors require more attention, and you may need to wash them more often than interior ones. Remember that your home’s front door makes the first impression. Keeping it clean will make your home look nice to visitors. 

  • Give your doors a new coat of paint. 

When doors become old, their colors may fade or peel away. This makes them appear ugly and affects the curb appeal of the place significantly. Sometimes giving your doors a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference. A good finish will not only keep them protected but also lengthen their lifespan. However, remember to dust and clean your doors before painting them. You do not want dirt to interfere with the painting process. 

Following the above tips can help, but calling professionals for an annual check-up is the best option. They can notice damages that the average person cannot and tell you whether you need a replacement or repair. 

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