Trimming Tips For Hedges That You Can Use For Effective Gardening


Trimming is one of the ways to maintain a good look at the garden. The hedges are also a great way to add more decorations and a bit of privacy to your garden. But, these hedges are also needed to be manicured through frequent gardening. For some help, the gardener Sydney such as Amico, for instance, will help you all the way to maintain its appearance.

Hiring professional gardeners to trim down your hedges is one of the best decisions you could make, and it is always recommended so you could get the optimum results. Additionally, the pros have the right tools required for the job. It allows them to work more efficiently compared to someone who has done it for the first time.

To know more, read about the tips which you can use for hedge maintenance and when you should hire an expert for it.

  • Sharp Trimming Tools

Before starting to trim, ensure first that the trimmer blades are sharp. Not only does this provide a clean-cut, but it also means that the hedges stay healthy. It also prevents tearing the foliage. Before the expert starts to trim, he will first search the hedges for possible wildlife, such as cats, possums, and even birds and bird nests, to prevent accidents.

  • Know The Process

As you plan to trim, know the necessary steps of the process. Start cutting now with a sweeping motion in an up and down direction. For you to avoid bare areas at the bottom, cut the top narrower to maximize sun exposure. You also have to hold the trimmer at an angle of approximately ten degrees. It may be horizontally to move branches and leaves out of the way. Take extra care of this aspect and make sure that everything is balanced or even.

  • Customize The Trimming Shape

When trimming, use the 3-step hedge trimming best practice. You can finish the hedge with a sharp, hard corner or a softer and more natural look instead. If you need more help, you can seek the professional gardeners Balmain from Amico to guide you throughout. After trimming, clean your blades. Make the hedges neatly trimmed as well.

  • Use The Pros For Uneven Hedge

For the uneven hedges, identify it first. It may affect the entire look of your garden as well. You can call for best find shop pros to help you out. The unevenness may be from hedge growing slower than the others, or you may have accidentally removed more of the hedge than intended.

  • Identify The Unhealthy Hedges

Lastly, maintain your hedges by trimming it and seeing its growth. Maintenance is crucial. Whether it’s a soil problem or a disease, having no plan of support may even lead to a wide variety of issues. So be extra careful.

Final Word

To ensure better-looking hedges for your garden, be sure to use these tips or hire hedge trimming professionals as well. Proper maintenance is only the thing necessary to make sure that all hedges are healthy for the garden.


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