How Can You Achieve Different Looks by Using Mosaic Tile?


If you walk in the market of mosaic tiles, you will find mosaic tiles made out of many different materials and also available in various colors and textures. You can also arrange them in many different ways.

Therefore, whether you want to install mosaic tiles as sleek bath surround or stylish backsplash, you will be able to create many different kinds of interior design.

How will you know about the kind of material, the cuts and colors to be used in order to get the look you want? Following are few guidelines to select the right mosaic tiles of Ceramique au Sommet for your taste of interior design:

Modern look

Do you want to give a modern look to your bathroom or kitchen? You can make lots of difference just by selecting the right mosaic tiles. Any modern interior design will be defined by few clean lines and with simple embellishments.

Selection of material will also be important because most modern homes will often use glass, metal, wood and etc.

While selecting mosaic tiles to create a modern outlook, keep all those features in your mind. As an example, select basic rectangular tile. Also, large tiles will offer your home a little sleek feel.

Metal mosaic tiles can also be unique which is often seen in many modern homes. To offer an ultra-modern look, you must forgo common squares or rectangles and prefer other kinds of geometric shapes.

As an example, people nowadays prefer hexagonal shapes too, and with their angular look it will be very appealing. By using very thin or long glass tole strips also offers uncluttered and serene look.

Classic look

If you are not interested in modern and sleek design then perhaps classic interiors will be more appealing to you. Then you will surely find mosaic tiles your right choice. Porcelain, glass, ceramic and stone tiles will easily form beautiful and also timeless mosaics.

Classic design can be depicted by simple squares or rectangles and few woven or hexagonal shapes. Choosing any rich colors, like gold, cream, black and also natural stone can produce a classic style no matter wherever you try to install them.

Vintage look

To offer a vintage look use retro mosaic tiles which will also offer a contemporary look? In modern construction, subway tiles with geometric patterns are also quite popular.

They all can be a great way to produce both antiques as well as updated features. Stone, glass and porcelain can help to produce vintage look and can give you a feel of retro or updated, hence you need to select the material accordingly.

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