How to convert your house into a home of your dreams.


When you move into a house, it is natural to want to put a personal stamp over it because unless you built your home, chances are the fixtures, lights, and paint colors were according to the previous owner’s taste. While on the quest to personalize your space, you can take inspiration from various places, including websites like Ambienti designs.

Apart from the inspiration, some essential tips for personalizing a space are:

Add a reading nook

No matter how charming your house is, it is necessary to add a personal space that can be your oasis. An alcove, or a section in the living room or bedroom can be allotted to it if you do not have a separate room to turn into your personal space. All you need is a big comfortable chair, a throw, a lamp, a few cushions, and a side table, and you have your oasis ready. You can cuddle up to read, pursue your hobbies, meditate, or even watch Netflix and relax.

Paint the front door

It does not take much time, but a simple paint change can significantly change the look of a house.

Personal Photos:

Getting a few favorite photos up on the wall is the simplest way to personalize a space and make it feel like home. Do not shy away from putting multiple frames or putting pictures in different parts of your house. If you are not sure of where your photos should go, then pick up some removable picture hanging strips.

Add decorative lighting

Lighting often determines the mood of the room and the house. A significant step in personalizing a space is changing its lighting. You might prefer yellow lights over the led lights already present in your home, or the gothic lampshade may not suit your minimal taste. Changing a few key pieces can make a lot of difference, and we often underestimate the importance of lighting.

A carpet

You might not like the tiles or marble flooring of your house. Sure, you may decide to take it out and replace it with something more your taste, but it is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Instead, you could opt to carpet your house or put area rugs. It provides the house with a feeling of completeness and makes it cozy and more inviting.

It is essential to have a house where you are comfortable, and it reflects your personality. A few small changes can help you achieve the same.

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