New Interior Design Ideas to transform your HDB Home in 2022



HDB flats are the most preferred housing option in Singapore. It is undoubtedly the most affordable way for owning homes with Central provident funds, along with various schemes and grants.

Due to the space limitation, people often feel that there is not much they can do for changing the looks of their homes. However, it is just a misconception. You can have custom interiors designed for your HDB flat. With proper planning, you can make optimal utilization of the available space within your budget.

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An HDB interior design project done by AC Vision

Professional HDB design companies have some amazing HDB interior design solutions that will blow your mind. They create awesome home interiors with proper balance of beauty and functionality. Their renovation ideas are tested by many customers, and they recommend their services highly. They have an expert team to take care of your dream project, and make your home a comfortable and trendy place, where you would love to relax after a hard day at work.

What Are The Ways to Style Your HDB Home?

Working on a Suitable Theme – There are plenty of choices if you are thinking about what theme to select for your flat. Be it bohemian style or something contrasting like industrial the house can dress up in any shape. You can even try different styles for different areas, for instance, a soothing bedroom with a colourful living room.

Different themes bring out several tones and mood of the space with other accessories and decorative items. You can even create a working space where there is natural lighting. If you are more into a simplistic design, you can try out the Scandinavian style or modern minimalist looks. If you are fond of the old and rustic, vintage style is the way to go.

Mix & Match The Colours – Various colour combinations can accentuate your walls beautifully. When we talk about adding colour to the room, it does not mean only painting the walls. It includes furniture, flooring, fabric, decoration, and even lighting.

Storage Ideas For Small Houses – Small homes need to manage their storage areas smartly and efficiently. Think about adding cabinets under a platform bed. You can also create storage units and make a sitting arrangement over them with cushions. In this way, you can accommodate more items yet make your home more spacious.

Decorative Sparks – You can say that decorative items complete the style you choose or sometimes create that extra spark that makes your home unique. Make sure all the elements of the room are in harmony. You can add personal items to give the space a homely feel.

Compacting The Foyer – Foyer can be used in the best possible manner, giving you ample of opportunity to store. Foyer walls cal work as storage units having lofts. You can manage to have a small seating space and a cavity underneath for keeping your shoes.

Demarcating Kitchen – To make most of the limited and open space, if you want something basic, and also demarcate between the spaces, then install a glass door. It will make your kitchen look classy with all the sleek accessories.

Having a marble countertop and backsplash in the kitchen will give uniformity. In addition, adding a lot of storage drawers underneath the countertop will combine functionality and aesthetic. Using latest kitchen appliances that fit in its respective spaces will enhance the overall functionality.

Ambient Bedroom Light and Storage – It is important to have the right kind of lighting in the bedroom. Lights help to create the desired mood at any point of time. Striking the right chords is quite crucial.

Installing wall to wall wardrobes with lofts will give a lot of storage space in the bedroom. Ensure that you opt for slim wardrobe handles and the right colour to compliment the room interiors. Having concealed vanity and huge drawers offer a lot of storage space.

What About Creating a Luxurious Bathroom -Lastly, bathroom in a HBD home can be equipped with marble countertop, glass wall partition, and large vanity unit. An ergonomically designed bathroom will help you make the most out of the available space.


You may have many desires when designing the interior of your flat but never go beyond the budget. You are already paying your flat try to get cost-effective deals. With this, you can start your journey to your new home.

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