What to Determine While Buying the Curtain for Your House


Any decorator or interior designer will agree that the curtains make the rooms provided you have chosen the best suitable curtains for the rooms. As far as window treatment is concerned, the fabric, colour, lining and length play crucial roles in addition to off-the-shelf curtains or the custom-made curtains. The fabric of the curtain is considered important while determining the right curtain for your windows. Based on the fabric it can be speculated that how effectively the curtain will function and will be durable over time. Step into Store Urbainin order to get the best curtains in terms of their fabrics, colours, lengths and linings.

If the fabrics of the curtains are too heavy, you may not fold them easily when they are drawn. On the other hand, if they are too light, eventually they may not fall well. Some fabric experts say that when you go buy curtains check them by holding the fabrics up to a window. If you find them flare like the crinoline, be sure that they are not going to fall well on the window. Therefore, while checking the fabrics, take a big sample at least o f2 yards because a smaller piece may not actually show the true drape of the fabric.

Remember, direct sunlight fades the fabrics comparatively quickly and the room you intend to use the curtain is exposed to a lot of sunlight, never choose the bright colours. The bright coloured fabrics usually fade easily and quickly in comparison to natural colours which do not get faded easily and quickly. The natural coloured curtains also blend better into the room’s décor than other colours. However, you can give the least importance to fading if you are changing out your room often.

When you consider the material of the curtain, velvet, linen, silk, and faux silks are the best material for curtain materials because they hang well. The faux silks are usually considered the best in terms of durability as curtain materials. Besides this, in rooms that are exposed to direct sun or are shinier, the faux silks are the most suitable materials for curtain because they do not get deteriorated easily and quickly in comparison to the real silk.

You can also determine fabrics based on their quality of keeping out cold. You must have seen that most hotel rooms use velvet, suede, tapestry or tweed because they are heavier in weight and can effectively keep heat in by blocking light. Lining and interlining are also essential elements you need to consider while buying a curtain for your rooms.

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